Alchemy Empire Steampunk Bracelet: Victorian Metal Thunderhammer Cuff

Alchemy England 1977

style number: 1977098

Inspired by Classic Victorian Design
Level mountains in a single blow, with the potent, "Mjollnir of the Modern Age!" of pewter. What mountains do you need to crush today? What tasks seem insurmountable? Wear this cuff inspired by Norse god Thor's Mjollnir, and get the job done! In Norse mythology Mjollnir is the heavy hammer of Thor, one of the gods associated with thunder. Mjollnir was feared for it was mighty enough to level mountains, when thrown would never miss its mark, and would find its way back to Thor. It's special properties included making itself whatever size was needed - large enough for mountain pounding or small enough to carry.

  • A Viking warrior's most treasured amulet, 'Mjolnir', the Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction.
  • Essential metalwear for the viking at heart
  • Wide black leather wrist strap bearing large pewter Hammer of Thor, adjustable length, fastened with a buckle.
  • Approximate Dimensions: Width 10.82" x Height 1.49" x Depth 0.55" Approx.
  • Materials: Fine English Pewter casting
  • All Alchemy Empire pieces are designed and handmade in England to the highest standards by Alchemy Carta. 
  • Ships directly from Alchemy England 1977. Allow 2-3 days for ordering processing
    MSRP $45.00

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