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Thinkin' Back

Ken Overcast

style number: 9182

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Thinkin' Back
Ken Overcast
Released 2009
Available - 1

One of Ken's most popular, including some award winning yodelin'. A couple of these songs were on a compilation album that gets a lot of European air play.

1  Cow Creek 
         Jake Powell P.D./circa 1910 Arrangement:
      © 1994 Bear Valley Music, 

2  Thinkin' Back 
       Ken Overcast/© 1994 Bear Valley Music, BMI

3  Ghost Riders in the Sky 
         Stan Jones/Edwin H. Morris & Co., BMI 

4  How To Be A Man 
     Ken Overcast/© 1994 Bear Valley Music BMI

5  A Cowboy and His Bride 
    Ken Overcast/© 1994 Bear Valley Music BMI

6  Supper Time   
    Ira F. Stanphill/© 1950 Singspiration Music, ASCAP 
     All rights reserved, used by permission of Benson Music    Group, Inc.

7  Life Is A Song  
    Ken Overcast/©1994 Bear Valley Music, BMI 

8 Younger Days 
     David Wong/© 1994 Bear Valley Music 

9  Masters Call
    Marty Robbins/© 1959 renewed 1988 Mariposa Music,    Inc.
      Warner/Chappell, Inc. (outside of US), BMI 

10 Rockin' Alone (In an Old Rockin' Chair)
       William York/Fort Knox/Trio Music, BMI 

11 A Cowboy's Heart  
     Ken Overcast/© 1994 Bear Valley Music, BMI 

12 No wonder
       Ken Overcast/© 1994 Bear Valley Music, BMI

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