Lore, Lies and Legends of the American West

Gene Culkin

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Lore, Lies and Legends Of the American West
Gene Culkin
Released 2010

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Dear Listener,
I'm not a historian but I do research my material. I hope my music and stories interest you enough to go to your computer or your friendly neighborhood library and learn more about our American West.
The more you learn about the American West the more fascinating it becomes.
Now sit back partner and relax. We're headin' to 'Sage Brush Country.'
         -The Tunesmith, Gene Culkin

1.  The Tunesmith
2.  On the Trail
3.  Good Ol' Feelin' of Free
4.  El Camino Real
5.  Singin' My Song to the Sky
6.  My Juanita
7.  The Legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine
8.  Just a Hummin' Ol' Song
9.  Up, Up My Lady Medley
10.  The Legend of the Stairs of Loretto
11. If You Would Ride Along

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