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Gone For Colorado

Juni Fisher

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Gone For Colorado
Juni Fisher
Released: 2008
Label: Red Geetar Records
Available - 2

From our Purveyor of Music:
Although Tumbleweed Letters will always hold a special place in my heart, this new CD is storytelling at its finest. Juni, like many of us, began to explore her family's history and this album shares her journey of discovery with us. She's given us the "bark" on the family tree - not just the facts but the stories that go with them. Juni is a masterful storyteller and here the stories are so personal, so close to the heart that you'll feel a part of her family.

What would your family story sound like put to music? Makes one wonder...

1. Sedalia, Colorado: Never Knew (1:27)
2. Gone for Colorado (3:41)
3. Goin' Somewhere (3:15)
4. Long Way from Missoura (2:56)
5. Railroad Corral (3:29)
6. Sedalia, Colorado: Family Secret (3:19)
7. Lilac Blue Eyes (6:18)
8. Sedalia Colorado: On Jarre Creek (1:06)
9. Emma (5:24)
10. Sedalia, Colorado: Ada Dow (1:09)
11. Waitin' for Spring (3:47)
12. Colorado Trail (3:06)
13. Wild New Mexico Cowgirl (3:32)
14. Range Delivery (4:28)
15. Sedalia, Colorado: The Story That I Tell (1:11)

16. Whippoorwill (5:01)

Sedalia Colorado was the birthplace of Juni's maternal Grandmother, and the scene of successes and heartbreaks for her Grandmother's father, John E. Overstreet. Juni set out to uncover a long kept family secret, about John's first family: his wife and child who shared a ranch and life with him.

LIve Performances and Interviews
SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with the Story Masters:
Juni Fisher & Joe Herrington

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Live Concert Performances:
SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series:
An Evening With Juni Fisher

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Repertory East Playhouse
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SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with Juni Fisher

Filmed Saturday, April 14, 2012
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Filmed June 15, 2010
This is the concert that launched the filming of the SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series!
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Recorded Live January 29. 2015
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"Around The Barn," October 26, 2013
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"Around the Barn" Saturday, April 14, 2012
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"Around the Barn" Saturday, June 11, 2011.
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